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Mantra Yoga. One of the most important and powerful parts of a yoga practice is mantra recitation Put simply mantras are sacred words that can be repeated out loud or silently to help calm the mind and promote feelings of peace.

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At Ananda Mantra we believe a happy life is one in which mind body and soul are in balance Our practitioners are here to help you on your spiritual journey whether you have years of experience or are just taking the first steps.

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In contemplative context a mantra is a word sound or invocation used to aid concentration for meditation “When we chant these mantras the vibrations become a reality within our beings and within our experience” explains Kaur (who by the way says Feeling Good Today! was originally intended “to give children positive affirmations Then it became apparent.

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I am that I am “I am that I am” or So Hum in Sanskrit is an extremely powerful mantraI am grateful Express gratitude for everything that you have in your life Gratitude not onlyI am at peace Reflecting on this mantra throughout your yoga practice or in life in generalI am a magnet for miracles YOU ARE A MIRACLE! This powerful mantra evokes magic inI am aware This mantra really helps you connect your body with your mind It allows you toI am awake To be fully present means to be awake What does being awake mean? It meansI am perfect Has anyone ever told you that you are perfect? Do you ever say this to yourself?I am one with humanity When you recite this mantra you come to realize that every singleI am the light and the light is in me In the yoga community you may hear many refer to “theI am love Love is the strongest force in the universe This last mantra is here to remind you.

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Mantra Yoga Mantra yoga neutralizes rajas (agitation) and tamas (inertia) which allows the practitioner to move into a more pure state of consciousnessChanting mantras calms the mind brings focus and is great for controlling the breath Mantra yoga is highly beneficial to the practitioner as it improves overall health and mental stability.

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The ancient science of yoga offers us a real truth and the easiest way to realize that truth is through transcendental or spiritual sound Simply by hearing and repeating spiritual sound vibrations we can experience the peace and happiness of transcendental knowledge This pairing of the chanting of the mantras with music soothes the soul.