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C Vitamin Frukt. Amount of vitamin C to be taken daily It varies depending on age Adults over the age of 20 need an average of 75 mg of vitamin C daily while pregnant women need 100 mg By consuming fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C regularly every day you can get this vitamin your body needs If you.

Free Picture Ascorbic Acid Citrus Fruit Key Lime Kiwi Lemon Oranges Pomegranate Vitamin C Vitamins
Free Picture Ascorbic Acid Citrus Fruit Key Lime Kiwi Lemon Oranges Pomegranate Vitamin C Vitamins from PIXNIO

Vitamin C also helps accelerate wound healing and is involved in protein metabolism and the absorption of iron Citrus fruits like oranges grapefruit lemons and clementines do contain a good dose of vitamin C but there are actually lots of other fruits and healthy vegetables that are even richer sources of this potent antioxidant.

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79 rowsthe vitamin C content does the opposite it rises with increased Vitamin C contentFRUITLATIN NAMEMG VITAMIN C / 100MG VITAMIN C PER AVERAGE SI**AcerolaMalpighia glabra167780AppleMalus sylvestris68ApricotPrunus armeniaca104Apricot cannedPrunus armeniaca32.

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OverviewBiologyUsesSide effectsDietPharmacologyChemistryTestinghttps//wwwfrontlifesciencescom/vitaminc/ C (also known as ascorbic acid and ascorbate) is a vitamin found in various foods and sold as a dietary supplement It is used to prevent and treat scurvy Vitamin C is an essential nutrient involved in the repair of tissue the formation of collagen and the enzymatic production of certain neurotransmitters It is required for the functio Text under.

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5 Fruits With More Vitamin C Than Oranges Kiwi One kiwi has 72 mg of vitamin C 80 percent of the DV Guava One guava fruit has 125 mg of vitamin C or 139 percent of the DV Blackberries One cup of blackberries has 30 mg of vitamin C or 33 percent of the DV Papaya One large papaya has 475 mg of vitamin C which is 527 percent of the DV.

Free Picture Ascorbic Acid Citrus Fruit Key Lime Kiwi Lemon Oranges Pomegranate Vitamin C Vitamins

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Bell Peppers Bell peppers are among the highest sources of Vitamin C for vegetarians BellGuava Guava is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent and is extremely rich in Vitamin CCitrus Fruits Citrus fruits like oranges grapefruits lemons and limes are all good sources ofKiwi This small bright green and fuzzy fruit from New Zealand has even more Vitamin CBroccoli When you’re trying to eat healthy broccoli is going to be your most trustworthyStrawberries Strawberries are the most flavourful and the tastiest berries on the planetLeafy Greens Leafy green vegetables like spinach are pretty rich in Vitamin C and are alsoAamla or Indian Gooseberry Aamla is India’s best kept secret with the magic fruit beingCauliflower Cauliflower is hardly anyone’s favourite vegetable but it’s highly nutritious as itTomatoes These bright red fruits often mistaken as vegetables are pretty rich in Vitamin C.