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Lee Yongshin (Hangul 이용신 born February 27 1979) is a South Korean voice actress and singer born and raised in Seoul South Korea She began her career by joining CJ ENM’s voice acting division in 2003 In the following year she gained popularity with her role as Mitsuki Kōyama (known as Luna in South Korea) on the Korean dub of Full Moon She gave birth to a.

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The Ahri Announcer pack was a limited time announcer which was featured during the August 2017 event Star Guardian New Horizon It featured Star Guardian Ahri as a replacement announcer on all PvP.

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This mod changes your character’s voice to Ahri‘s from League of Legends without changing NPCs voice so you don’t have to worry about ugly bandit ladies sound like a teenager Warning though.

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Laura Post is the voice of Ahri in League of Legends Video Game League of Legends Franchise League of Legends.

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The Korean Ahri sounds aren’t even comparable to the

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Which voice actress suits “Ahri’s” character the best

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Her clothings dances are just like SNSD (Korean pop stars) Having special voice for KR sever only shows that it is korean related and Riot donating all profits from the skin to Korea shows that it is very likely Kpop ahri (The original idea came.